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46 PSS Sleman Indonesia Who Is Running? Brigata Curva Sud Chant! Playlist
47 Manchester United England We Love United Forever and ever, an undying love for Manchester United (Ed: Much better audio added) Playlist
48 Juventus Italy Champions Juve Juventus Campioni Playlist
49 Liverpool England Steve Gerrard For the skipper, sung at most games. He won the cup. (Ed: New version added) Playlist
50 PSS Sleman Indonesia Let's Support PSS Brigata Curva Sud chant Playlist
51 Milan Italy Those Not Jumping Are Inter Hey, Hey! Our biggest Rivals Playlist
52 Atlético Madrid Spain Come on Atleti Ale And you can't not notice them! Playlist
53 Celtic Scotland You’ll Never Walk Alone Hold your head up high. Playlist
54 Real Madrid Spain Long Live Spain Because we are all Spanish! Playlist
55 Barcelona Spain Messi Because he is the best in the world! Playlist
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56 Arsenal England If You Hate Tottenham Hotspur Clap Yer Hands Collective disdain for the boys from White Hart Lane. Playlist
57 Borussia Dortmund Germany Always There for You A classic among the fanchants which promises eternal fidelity. The perfect ringtone for every Borussia Dortmund fan Playlist
58 Boca Juniors Argentina The Feeling Is the Same River fans are the only sad fans, let's make the Bombonera tremble! Playlist
59 Manchester City England The Best Team in the World Never a truer word spoken, great ringtone for the mobile. Playlist
60 Newcastle England When the Mags, Go Marching In All geordies will be there. (Ed: Updated version) Playlist
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