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22096 St. Johnstone Scotland What Will I Be? Song that says I'm proud to be a Saintee
22097 Newcastle England Demba Demba For the tank
22098 Ipswich England Your Sister Is Your Mother Sung to the tune of the Adams family
22099 Northampton England MK Franchise Have No History MK franchise have no history
22100 Southampton England Southampton Boys Pride of the south
22101 Chelsea England You're Going Home Chelsea fans to a group of St John Ambulance volunteers.
22102 Toronto FC USA Oh Toronto! Toronto in full voice
22103 West Bromwich Albion England Why Are You Still Here? sing when were winning as usuall
22104 Cardiff City England Na Na Nah Builds atmosphere nicely
22105 Rangers Scotland Wolverhampton Town When The Rangers Came To Wolverhampton Town
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22106 Hamilton Scotland Accies Through and Through Always there for Hamilton!
22107 Fulham England Chelsea Went to Rome This should be sung more often at the cottage. If heard spread the word.
22108 Coritiba Brazil Ole Coritiba Lyrics not provided with the submission. If you know them please provide them in the comments box. Playlist
22109 Chester England All Hate Stewards Sang to stewards
22110 Cambridge United England After the Match They Gunna Die After the match it's going off
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