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22096 Manchester United England They Haven't Won A Thing In 34 Lyrics only, 34 years....
22097 Yeovil England Where Were You? When police walk past the stand
22098 Birmingham City England Andy Watsons Barmy Army named after, of course the legendary andy watson
22099 Wolves England Ebanks Blake - He's Big Another one for the dark destroyer.
22100 Derby County England The Premier League Is Upside Down Derby County really on top of the league!!!
22101 Crawley England Build A Bonfire F**k the rivals
22102 Manchester City England Blackburn Inbreds 'Avin ago at the inbreds
22103 Manchester United England 6th February 1958 Very touching song for the Babes
22104 Liverpool England Billy The King ...
22105 Burnley England Bertie Bee Said To Bill Shankly We are .....
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22106 Plymouth England If You All Hate Cardiff Should be sung at every match
22107 Lincoln City England Danny Hone In the tune of Boney M's "Daddy cool"
22108 Manchester United England Moscow, Moscow, Moscow! Celebrating beatin the rent boys in Moscow
22109 Burnley England 10 Man Went... And his baseball bat
22110 Manchester United England We've Been To Moscow Courtesy of the John Terry supporters club
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